Escala Sonora • Y La Bamba
Escala Sonora

Y La Bamba

  • 07.21.2023
  • The Citadel
  • 8:00 PM

Y La Bamba, led by vocalist and producer Luz Elena Mendoza Ramos, will be playing at The Citadel in Miami on July 21.  Born in San Francisco, California, Luz Elena Medoza Ramos draws a lot of her influences from her Michoacan, Mexico born parents and traditional  music from the region. Y La Bamba is currently on their North American tour for their most recent album, Lucha. The album features work with engineers and producers Coco Hernán Godas and Ryan Neil Oxford, who worked together with Ramos to shape their music into a memory palace. Don’t miss out on the eclectic indie folk pop band from Portland, Oregon this summer at The Citadel in Miami.